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tax deduction needed * helping charities * no more car or truck repairs no registration fees or insurance premiums * avoid low trade-in values* no boat maintenance * tax write off * no RV trailer or motorhome upkeep * get rid of old motorcycles * helping charities * servicing Southern California
For your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat or RV, which of the following categories do you fall within:
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dot-red.gif (872 bytes) I spend too much time on upkeep and repairs?
dot-red.gif (872 bytes) I don't like the trade-in-value I was offered?
dot-red.gif (872 bytes) I don't want to go through the time, expense & hassle of "do-it-yourself" sales?
dot-red.gif (872 bytes) I am tired of paying registration fees and insurance premiums on something I rarely use anymore?
dot-red.gif (872 bytes) I am looking for ways to reduce my taxes?
dot-red.gif (872 bytes) I wish there was a way to get rid of it, and yet still get a tax deduction at the fair market value?
dot-red.gif (872 bytes) I feel good when I help others in need?

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If your vehicle is in Southern California, and you fall into one, two or all categories listed above, The Youth Rescue Fund can help you! At the same time, you will HELP A LOT OF NEEDY KIDS in dire need.
How ?
By participating in our FREE Vehicle Donation Program where YOU get to help a very deserving Charity! Their major source of financial support is from vehicle donations. In the process, you may get a great tax advantage yourself. Click for details.
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After reviewing the program, if you still have any questions, go to our frequently asked questions page where you should find your answers, or pick up the phone and give us a call.
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ADDRESS: P.O. Box 6340
West Hollywood, CA 91603
  Phone: 310-845-6202  

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